Who The Hell Are These Freaks?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Welterweights?

The final lineup was:
Nathaniel Williams - Vocals and Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Corey Heider - Lead and Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Jeff Thomason - Drums and Percussion
"Odessa" Dave DeCamp - Bass Guitar

Former Members

How did you become the Welterweights?

Check out our Boring Biographical Stuff

Where are ya from?

Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

What kind of music do you play?

Loud, twangy rock. With a ballad here and there.

Have you played shows with anyone I've have heard of?

Scott Miller, Jim White, Charlie Robison, Christy McWilson, Hadacol, Jim Roll, The Mother Hips, Devil in a Woodpile, Drag The River, 34 Satellite, Rich Hopkins and The Luminarios, Jenny Kavanaugh and Her Band of Outlaws, Big Smith, The Woodbox Gang, Evil Beaver, Someday I..., The Victorstands, Snakebite Orphans, and others

Where have you played?

Mostly the greater Kansas City area. The Grand Emporium, The Hurricane, Davey's Uptown, The Bottleneck, the now defunct Pyro Room, Frederick's Music Lounge and Off Broadway in St. Louis, MO and others.

Who do you sound like?

When Marion Keisker at Sun Studios asked Elvis Presley this question in 1954, he replied "I donšt sound like nobody." We wish we were that original (and that cool). Still, we like to see ourselves as continuing the tradition of the great rock bands (like The Replacements or Uncle Tupelo) who could combine thoughtful songwriting with fun, intense music. If we pull that off -- mission accomplished.

Why display bar napkin art on the website?

Cheaper than canvas.

Which band member has the best "Well y'see, I'd been drinkin'" stories?


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